Winter’s Rest

img_2489It’s our slow season. Resting. Planning. Cleaning up.

Our big plan for 2017 is downsizing. We’ll be scaling back our farming efforts in order to concentrate on the parts we love the most: Growing new and exciting vegetables, growing the highest-quality vegetables, and getting to know our customers.

Our CSA will be smaller, and full-season only. We will be selling only at the West Seattle Farmers Market, March through December. And we will be adding Mystery Boxes to our retail mix.

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One response to “Winter’s Rest

  1. Eating seasonally is something that has gone out of fashion since food can travel around the world at short notice and/or food can be frozen. However, I still have a feeling that our bodies, like we have daily rhythms, may also obey certain seasonal rhythms and in each season what nature produces might be better suitable to keep us healthy than stuff that runs counter our “internal clock”.

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