Farm Jobs


Farm Crew Job Description

Whistling Train Farm is looking for applicants to join our farm crew for the 2022 production season. As a part of the farm crew, you will participate in many aspects of farm work including seeding, transplanting, weeding, packing for the CSA and other orders, but primarily harvesting, washing, and packing produce. Opportunities and training in other field-based practices such as basic tractor tasks, pruning, and irrigation will be available on an as-needed basis and as experience permits. Preference will be given to applicants who have previous agricultural or horticultural experience and are interested in a multi-year commitment, however, anyone who is highly motivated and genuinely interested in working on our farm will be considered.

The average workweek consists of 8-10 hour days with the possibility of longer days expected during the peak production months of July-September. Regardless of experience, applicants must be highly motivated and focused on speed, efficiency, and quality of work. Vegetable production work is strenuous and physically demanding, and applicants must be confident in their ability to efficiently perform this work on a daily basis and throughout the production season. A positive and flexible attitude is a must!

Click here to download the full Farm Crew job description and application instructions. Email with any questions. 


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