As we head into a week of hot weather, I find myself wondering if there is a “normal” spring anymore. 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago, there was usually a predictable pattern. Freezing and sunny February, followed by wet and cool March, occasional frosty nights, and that magical break in April when we could hustle some seed into the ground. Then we could count on gently warming up into summer. But in the last five years, spring has been the absence of any pattern. Either it stops raining mid-April and we dry up, or it doesn’t stop raining until mid-June and we can’t get anything planted, or there is a week in late March when we have to pull tricks to keep the transplants from freezing when temps drop into the teens.

It looks like we may have one of those sudden summers, as the daytime temps climb into the 80’s this weekend, after an abnormally dry winter (according to my soil explorations). The ground is going to dry up quick, and then it will be irrigation season already.

But, we’re going to do our best, as always, to roll with the punches. After some tractor futzing, we’re ready to get the potatoes planted this weekend. And a spot is ready for seeding greens and herbs. And setting out the early zucchini transplants. The sugarsnaps in the greenhouse are blooming, and the spring greens are doing well inside, but it may get just too hot in there. We may have another spring gap if everything bolts early, since until last week it was too wet to plant outside. Hopefully not!

So it goes. This is why I keep the Spring CSA small, because it is the most fickle of all seasons. But the good news is that it’s much easier to ride the wave of Summer, and there is plenty of room in the Summer CSA, and the Flower Bouquet and Pantry-Builder add-on subscriptions. And the truth is, we are in need of more subscribers to cover payroll for the next several weeks.

I could use your help! If you have friends or neighbors who might enjoy being a part of our farm community, please invite them to enroll! All the links are below!

Honeybee taking advantage of sun in February.

Cutflowers: U-Pick and Pre-made Bouquets

The U-Pick Cutflower Garden is planted with the earliest varieties, and we’ll be putting more plants in this week. It’s looking like CSA members will have access to the garden the week after Della’s wedding, so I’ll open it up on the Summer Solstice… pretty perfect, I think! The Bouquet Subscriptions will start that week as well, since I want to make sure we have enough flowers for the wedding. Flower Bouquet Subscriptions: 16 bountiful, seasonal bouquets. Here’s the Flower Bouquet link

Bulk Pantry-Builder Boxes

Pantry-Builder will start with a hefty allotment of plump Sugarsnap Peas, then provide produce and herbs for making Pickles, Pesto, and Tomato Sauce for winter, and help you to stash a supply of Garlic, Onions, and Squashes for the dark months. These are available as a subscription now (at a discount), but I also hope to offer them individually during their seasonal windows. Pantry-Builder subscription: Bulk boxes of Sugarsnap Peas, Basil, Pickling Cucumbers, Garlic Braids, and more. Here’s the Pantry Builder link

The Sugarsnaps are coming! We seem to have finally thwarted the bunnies!

A Reminder about Farm Finances…

The nature of the CSA model is that I depend on CSA enrollments in order to purchase farm supplies in the winter, as well as to pay the farm mortgage and utilities, and to buy groceries. If you haven’t yet enrolled for 2023, and are able to, please don’t wait. Please share widely, it will take 200 CSA families to cover myself, expenses, and two staff. (That’s about 40 more families than last year.) Thank you so much!

Summer CSA will start June 17… that’s just 5 weeks away!

2023 CSA Enrollment is open to everyone, and there are plenty of Summer and Winter Shares available. Here’s the store link

2023 is going to be a great season!

With much gratitude,


Some flowers just can’t wait!

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