Sunflower Patch 2021 at the beginning of bloom season.

The idea started in 2020, at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic. I had a space of about an acre that was so full of a nasty, weedy grass, that I decided to take it out of cultivation for a year and cover crop it in an effort to smother the grass. I was hoping that I would be able to plant a vegetable crop there in 2021. As I considered my cover crop options, I remembered seeing a news story about a farm that planted acres of sunflowers… and I wondered why I shouldn’t do the same.

So in spring of 2020, as I placed my seed orders, I ordered 10 pounds of large-seeded sunflowers, and planted that acre. I thought at the very least, I could get that grass under control. And what a joy that big patch of sunflowers would when the dog days of late summer arrived. The real beauty of that decision came as we all grew weary of our first pandemic summer. It was a fantastic escape from lockdowns and park closures, and the Sunflower Patch was a haven… even for one special sunflower bather who visited “al fresco”.

Now I can’t imagine not planting a Sunflower Patch for our CSA members. But this year we will be planning it a little bit differently, with multiple varieties, and better opportunities for beautiful photography. It will be choice location for family photos, senior photos, and any other occasion you can imagine. As always, CSA members may enjoy the Sunflower Patch at no cost, as a bonus of your farm membership.

See Where to Find Us for Sunflower Patch Hours, mid-August through mid-September.