U-Pick Flowers

A beautiful U-Pick flower haul!

For several years, off and on, we have grown a cut flower garden as a special bonus for our CSA members, and many bouquets have been cut by young and old subscribers. But in 2022, we are expanding the CutFlower Garden! CSA Subscriber-Members will continue to have free access to the garden, but we will also be welcoming the public to cut their own flower bouquets for a fee.

All of the flower rows are marked with their names so that you can identify them. We have clippers and two different sizes containers that you may fill to your heart’s content, for $15 or $30, in addition to a 5 gallon Wedding/Event Bucket for $75. Remember to bring your own containers for transporting your blooms home. The buckets, pitchers, and clippers need to stay at the farm for others to use.

Please ask if you would prefer that we cut the flowers for you, we are happy to help. Non-CSA members can pay for U-Pick Flowers when they arrive at the farm. We recommend cutting flowers in the morning, because the stems are plump with evening’s water before the heat of day, and the vase-life will be longer. See Where to Find Us for U-Pick Hours, June-October.

Small U-Pick Flower Pitcher
U-Pick Flowers, Small Pitcher
U-Pick Flowers, Medium Bucket
U-Pick Flowers, Medium Bucket

If you prefer, we are also offering a 16-week Flower Bouquet subscription. You can add it on to your weekly produce CSA pick-up/delivery! Click here to sign up for 2022 Bouquet Subscription