Mystery Box


Every year I’m inspired to try to grow new things. Sometimes they don’t work out because of timing or climate, but sometimes they are astounding! Because they are really experiments, there aren’t enough to go around to our full CSA membership, or even to a farmers market. 

Most crops start producing at a fraction of the amount that they will produce at their peak harvest. We also do a lot of experimenting with potential new crops that we hope to grow in abundance someday. We often have small amounts of various produce and haven’t had a good way to utilize those items. Thus the Mystery Box was born!

Mystery Boxes can be purchased individually as they are offered, or purchased as a subscription of 10 boxes. We’ll pack the Mystery Boxes once per month in March through December. All boxes will come with a list of contents.

Priced at $30 each, or subscribe to the whole season of 8 boxes for $240 and save $40. Mystery Box subscribers are also welcome to our members-only U-Pick gardens. 

Now the Mystery Box is born!

Click here to order yours: 2020 Mystery Box Order Form

Here’s a fun peek at our August, 2016 Mystery Box:

August, 2016 Mystery Box
• “Mayan Jaguar” Lettuce
• “Jade” Green Beans
• Green Onions
• “Purple Dragon” Carrots
• “Sun Jewel” Melon
• “Butterscotch Melon
• Baby Artichokes
• Baby Persian Cucumbers
• Sweet Snacking Peppers
• “Sungold” Cherry Tomatoes

And here’s the link to the November, 2016 Mystery Box. 
Click for Winter Surprises!