>Summer Week 11 (Beans, Lettuce, Summer Squash, Cucumbers)

• Beans: Green Romano, Yellow Romano, or Yellow Wax
• Summer Squash or Zucchini
• Lettuce
• Carrots
• Salad Onions or Garlic
• Swiss Chard or Cabbage
• Cucumbers

Red Haven Peaches from Rama Farms in Bridgeport

Green Snap Beans
Yellow Wax Beans
Wild Blackberries

Red Cabbage

After yet more crazy weather, I find I’m having a hard time with the logic of it. My mind wants to believe that it’s fall now. After all, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the kids ready for school, and it’s been so rainy! But no, my mind says it’s still summer. Still need to do farm work, weeding, planting, picking. We still have a lot of farming time left, really. But as Della gets ready to get on the school bus for the first time and head for Kindergarten, and Cosmo heads to Preschool I want to move back into mothering work—cooking, cleaning, knitting, and planning for next year.

Now that the rain has stopped again, we have a window of opportunity. The weeds will grow quicker than in a dry summer, but this is perfect growing weather for all the greens and winter crops. Warm, but not hot, and perfectly moist. There is no way we can irrigate to this point of moisture, we just don’t have the water, or the irrigation equipment. So, it’s a blessing and a curse. It won’t be long until we get our first frost, and those greens sweeten up, potatoes and winter squash are ready for harvest, and we’re all eating apples instead of peaches and blackberries.

This week is the mid-point of our summer season. In ten weeks it will be almost November, and time to head into our winter season. We’ve had so many people asking about our Winter Program already, and I’m not prepared. We haven’t even decided how many winter shares we can handle this year. After last year’s rediculous freezing winter, we are a little gun-shy about jumping into a big commitment again. Maybe 50 will be enough, plus the commitment-free winter farmers markets, where we can go if we have anything, but we’re not locked in. Maybe we can handle 100 families again. We’ll just have to see how we feel in a few weeks. In the mean time, let us know if you’re interested in joining us for winter, because summer subscribers get to secure their spots first.

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