>Summer Week 16 (Winter Squash)

• “Stregonta” Shelling Beans from Italy
• “Gold Nugget” Winter Squash
• Collard Greens
• “Pink Lettucy” Mustard Greens
• Red Onions
• Cucumbers
• Fresh Shiso

Assorted Asian Pears from Rockridge Orchards in Enumclaw and Thompson Seedless Grapes from Canales Produce in Concrete, and tasty little French Prunes from Anderson Acres for the Seattle folks who never got their extra blackberries 🙂

Green Pole Beans, and Yellow and Green Romano Beans
This will be the last week for U-Pick

Green Onions

3 responses to “>Summer Week 16 (Winter Squash)

  1. >Shelley, Any recipes available this week? Love them! Thanks, Kari H.

  2. >Hi Kari,I put together a separate post for winter squashes, because there are so many different ways to eat squash. Hope that helps!

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