>Winter Week 4 & 5: Thanksgiving!

• “Heart of Gold” or “Acorn” Winter Squash
• Pie Pumpkin
• “Yukon Gold” Potatoes
• Beets
• Turnips
• Carrots
• Cabbage or Kohlrabi
• Baby Bok Choy or Mustard Greens
• Lettuce
• Radicchio
• Arugula or Frisée or Mizuna
• Onions
• Italian Parsley
• Apples

Coming Soon:
Scarlet Turnips
Jerusalem Artichokes

2 responses to “>Winter Week 4 & 5: Thanksgiving!

  1. >thanks for growing veggies the natural way enjoy the sunshine and happy thanksgiving to you and your families peace kevin/trish

  2. >The apples and all the greens this week are terrific!! Happy holiday to all of you.Thanks for all the great food,Kara

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