>Spring Week 10: Holey Arugula, Batman!


Clockwise from Left:
• Garlic Scapes
• Spring Mix
• Spinach
• Scallions
• Spinach

Summer Shares start next week!

Yes, the “Swiss” arugula is full of holes, but it tastes good. All I can say is it’s a nice change from Pea Shoots, and try not to look at it while you eat it. The holes are the result of the flea beetles that hatched when it was 95° two weeks ago, but as soon as the weather cooled off they died, or failed to reproduce. Now the flea beetles are gone, we’ve had two inches of cool rain, and the arugula tastes good again.

The salad finally did size up. The spinach just keeps getting bigger and better. We have lots of onions. The sugar snap and shelling peas are looking very healthy and they are enjoying the weather. Peas are one crop that loves cool and wet. I had to run out that sunny afternoon and put a new row of twine on all the rows to support them! Even if it’s a cool, wet summer, we’ll have plenty of salad, broccoli, and peas. No one will starve.

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