>Summer Week 9: Broccoli

Summer Squashes
• Broccoli
• Salad Mix
• Kale
• Lemon Basil
• Fennel, or….

We were supposed to get luscious Rama Farms peaches this week, but Sunday I found out they weren’t quite ripe enough. We’ll have them for sure next week.

No U-Pick right now, we’re waiting for the beans.

Green and Yellow Snap Beans
Green and Yellow Romano Beans
PEACHES for Fruit Shares

4 responses to “>Summer Week 9: Broccoli

  1. >I think the hair/frond parts are good chopped up for seasoning in salad or pasta – a little bit of a licorice flavor. We sauted the sliced up bulb part and tossed it with pasta and tomatoes and sausage and parmesan cheese – yum! Hope this helps – there were some pretty easy recipes on the cooking light website too….

  2. >Hi Shelley — I appreciate that you held off on the peaches since they were not ripe but when they arrived (8.19) they were bruised and over-ripe. Is there any chance of getting the fruit earlier so that we have some time to work with it before the fruit flies descend?

  3. >The peaches were beautiful and perfect when I brought them home. I carefully pack them into the bags/boxes as I arrive at each drop-site for Seattle people to avoid bruising. If they were bruised at the farm, I’m not sure what happened, unless you got my box of #2 fruit for the freezer. Let me know how much damage there was and I’ll get some replacements.

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