>Summer Week 11: Beans & Purslane

• Yellow Romano Beans
• Spinach
• Arugula
• Summer Savory
• Purple Basil
Summer Squash

Red Haven peaches from Rama Farms in Bridgeport

We will probably start u-pick beans next week.

Green and Yellow Snap Beans

What an August! While the rain has been leading us to believe it’s fall already, and why not when the kids are off to school next week. Really, though, it’s still mid-summer, and through the rain it’s still warm out. The free water has been a wonderful thing for the farm, even if it’s making everything a mess. We’re saving thousands of dollars on our water bill, even as I write. This is usually a very tough time for us, as we work to get the last of the fall crops in the ground and get them to germinate with very little water. Not a problem this year. We’ll have lots of spinach, arugula, and other delicious greens until we get icy weather.

The beans are finally ready to pick. The Romano beans have led the race though, and are ready before the green beans, which we should be picking next week. Romano’s are basically Italian snap beans, and can be cooked just like a regular green bean. Just cook an extra minute or so. They are delicious and tender.

Summer Savory is a strong herb, typically good with beans, but it can be used in place of Rosemary. The Purple Basil needed to be trimmed, and the Genovese basil hasn’t regrown enough this week to pick for everyone. It has a basic basil flavor, so use it to make a purple pesto or add it to a salad.

Spinach is back, and with all the rain now the flea beetles are leaving the arugula alone, so enjoy! It’s not even too hot or bitter.

Be sure and let us know if you’re interested in a winter share. The paper flyer is available in the farm stand, but there is a link to the pdf file in the right column of the blog.

One response to “>Summer Week 11: Beans & Purslane

  1. >Bright Morning Star commenting here (North Seattle, we’re the pick-up point). We hosted a young woman from Portland, who may live with us a couple of days/week while she studies Odissi dance with Ratna Roy and other folks in this area. She made the most fabulous tomato sauce, and left a quart of it with us. All the obvious uses applied, but the last and best was with Whistling Train summer squash, basil and garlic. We sauteed big chunks of squash with onion, just until tender, then threw in a head of crushed garlic, the tomato sauce (there was just enough to thinly coat the veggies) and all the purple basil, coarsely chopped. Lots of parmesan, served over brown basmati rice. I know, it would have been even better with pasta, but we had some rice in the frig. It was pretty darned good!

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