>Spring Week 4: Spring Onions


• Brussels Sprout “Rapini”
• Braising Greens
• Spinach
• Pepper Cress
• Salad Mix
• Spring Onions
• Dandelion Greens
Pea Shoots
For the last three weeks I have been driving school bus for much of my time. But the time has come now to get down to farming, and so now I will get back to blogging. Much is happening here now–planting is well under weigh, and we are working on our house. We finally got our permit a few weeks ago, Luis is working on the front porch, so we can get in and out easily, and the fire sprinkler contractor has been hired. We are almost ready for the electrician and septic work to begin, then we just need to refurbish the inside. We’re shooting for moving in by the end of June, so we’ve got a lot of work to do. 
In the meantime, farming must go on. We’ve got lots of crops in the ground, lots of transplants started in the greenhouse, and the cutflower garden is finally taking shape. Even though a lot of crops are getting planted, spring is tricky because much of what we harvest in April and May is overwintered—regrowth from last year. So, there may be a week or two when things are not very interesting. Rest assured though, we are doing our best to keep you all well fed.
This week, the onions are big enough to pick. These are the leftovers from last year, the ones that we missed during summer’s harvest. They might be red, yellow, torpedo or cipollini—they’re all going to be tasty though. 
We’re also excited to be picking dandelion greens again. The classic spring tonic, full of minerals, and life-giving bitter compounds. They’re supposed to be great for inflammatory conditions as well, like arthritis. Don’t worry, they won’t be a weekly event, unless you want them, but they are good for you. And if you cook them with your braising greens you might even slip them past your kids. (My kids gobble up greens, though. I don’t know what I did to make them like them. Maybe it’s just the luxury of pouring balsamic vinegar on them.)

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