>Spring Week 6: Cardoons



• Fresh Mint
• Arugula
Salad Greens
Shelling Peas
Last week we entered the difficult part of the spring season where the overwintered crops are coming to an end and the spring-planted crops are not quite ready. We see lots of Pea Shoots, Garlic, Onions, and Dandelion Greens, and a lot of beautiful new crops that are not quite ready.
This week at least we are able to start picking the Arugula. Of course, the Pea Shoots are in their prime, so we double up on them again. See the recipe post if you need more ideas on how to use them. Also, the Green Garlic is beautiful now and so delicious. Don’t forget to try some of those recipes too–it’s not just for seasoning. Try using it as a green vegetable like asparagus.
We always save the Cardoons for this awkward phase of spring. I’ve prepared recipes for this spring delicacy. Don’t be afraid to try it–think of them as an artichoke in a celery costume. They taste like artichoke hearts.
You can use Mint in all kinds of ways, especially at its prime in the spring. Use it in place of basil with pasta, or with your pea shoots, or cardoons, or in a salad. Of course you can make Mojitos or tea as well. 
The Arugula is great in salad, or as salad. Try it with some feta cheese and kalamata olives, or in a sandwich instead of lettuce, or chop it up for pesto. It’s spicy, nutty taste is delicious. 

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