>Summer Week 6: Zucchini, Chicks, and Geese



• Carrots
• Salad Mix
• Swiss Chard or Spinach
• Sweet Onions
• “Chesnok Red” Garlic
FRUIT: Apricots are coming up. If you loved your cherries and would like to order, please let us know.
U-PICK: Make sure you snip some flowers when you’re here–there are plenty for everyone!
New Potatoes
Green Beans
We are actually “in” our house now. Our septic system was approved, and it has been so amazing to be able to take a shower again, without packing a bag and hiking to the neighbors’ house. (Thank you, Maria for your shower!) It’s also nice to be able to wash dishes and do laundry, and flush a toilet. We’re feeling quite civilized again. And, our propane was finally hooked up yesterday, so now we’re cooking again–with gas!
Summer is in full swing here, and yes, it is dry. Watering is a constant battle, choosing between all the crops that desperately need water, and the newly seeded crops that need water just to germinate. What are we planting, you might ask–all of the fall and winter crops. They need time to grow before the daylength  is too short to make them stop, so now is the time. 
The zucchini are popping out, and the we picked the first pickling cucumbers today. The slicing cucumbers are loaded with babies, and we should have lots next week, especially if it stays hot. The broccoli plants are loaded with 1″ crowns, so they won’t be much longer and the cauliflowers are getting big too. The basil shouldn’t have more than another week or to until it’s bunchable. 
Enjoy this last of the fava beans. The green beans are blooming and should be ready soon. These sweet onions are the best we’ve grown in many years. And we’ve got an amazing garlic crop too–the last few years it has rained just as it’s ready to pull out and dry–not a good situation. But we’ve already got two varieties pulled, dried, and put away–two to go!

We’ve figured out where all the eggs went—and we now have several broods of baby chicks! The tiny brown hen on the left has 7 chicks left that hatched about two weeks ago. She’s very secretive and lives by the greenhouses.  The black hen on the right lives in the cutflower garden with her 9 chicks. She’s more tolerant of visitors but will chase the babies into the brush if you get too close. There are others, but one lost her babies, and another has three in the chickenhouse proper. To solve this problem, we bought 30 more hens. They aren’t pretty, but they are laying eggs. Hopefully we will now have enough for everyone.

We also are the new residence for a pair of Toulouse geese. They are very married, so don’t try to separate them. They also need names. We will be taking submissions for the next few weeks, so please feel free to contribute. And, if you want to visit them, they are living in the cow pasture.

2 responses to “>Summer Week 6: Zucchini, Chicks, and Geese

  1. >I would love some apricots. Sign me up. Also your carrots are very yummy to snack on at work. Keeps me away from the candy dish!Angel

  2. >Gonna give this a try to use several of the ingredients this weekPurslane Cucumber SaladPurslane and cucumbers are a match made in heaven. Don't hesitate to add purslane to any good cucumber recipe.6 medium sized cucumbers, sliced2 cups Purslane leaves1 cup yogurt1 Tbsp olive oil2 tsp red wine vinegar (or try one of your herbal vinegars)2 Tbsp chopped mint1/2 tsp coarse black pepper 1. Slice cucumbers and mix together with Purslane in a salad bowl.2. In a blender, mix together the rest of the ingredients for your dressing.3. Coat the cucumber-purslane mixture well with the dressing. Serve chilled.Note: It's best to put the dressing on just before serving. The salad becomes watery if prepared too much in advance. Makes about 8 servings.

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