>Summer Week 10: Cauliflower, Fennel, and more



• Fennel or Cucumbers
• Potatoes
• Cauliflower or Broccoli
• Lettuce or Radicchio
• Green Onions
• Basil
• Peaches
FRUIT: “Red Haven” peaches from Rama Farms in Bridgeport. These are the best peaches this side of Montana. They pick them tree-ripe, and pack them so they don’t touch, so you get a real tasty peach. If you want a box, let me know. They also sell seconds for canning or jamming, and they’ll have them for a few weeks.
U-PICK: Make sure you snip some flowers when you’re here–there are plenty for everyone!
Green Beans
Torpedo Onions
We are thankful that summer came back. We’re getting the last of the winter crops planted, and we need some more warmth to get them up and running. We have reached the half-way point of the summer season—hard to believe it’s here already. Working on getting the kids ready for school, and crossing our fingers that the teachers don’t strike. 
Now is the time to make pesto, as our second planting of basil is nearly ready to harvest. We have lots. Also, the pickling cucumbers are still producing away, so you’ve got a few weeks left to get some pickles made. Let us know if you want to put a bunch of either things away and we’ll give you the special subscriber price.

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