>Summer Week 13:Summer, or Fall?


• Persian Slicing Cucumbers
• “Yukon Gold” Potatoes
Fennel or Cauliflower
• Sweet Onions
• Lettuces or Fancy Chicory
• Basil
• Heirloom Melons or Peaches
FRUIT: This year we grew heirloom melons in one of our greenhouses, and they are ripening this week! The ribbed yellowish melons are a French variety called “Noir de Carmes”, and the netted greenish melons are an early-ripening muskmelon called “Passport”. They’re both tasty. IF you really can’t stand melon, you can have a pound of peaches instead. 
U-PICK: Make sure you snip some flowers when you’re here–there are plenty for everyone!
Snap Beans can be picked as well
Green Beans
Sweet Corn
Winter Squashes

7 responses to “>Summer Week 13:Summer, or Fall?

  1. >How much are the pig halves this year, Shelley?

  2. >Looks awesome Shelley. Thanks! … but I need help, does anyone have a good recipe to ease me into fennel? I'm not a huge fan (but not adverse either) so I haven't really done anything with it in the past. A favorite recipe that uses the majority would be greatly appreciated from the audience. Thanks!

  3. >Colleen Crossett sent me this link for a recipe for Potatoes au Gratin with Bacon and Fennel, and it also uses Basil.Thanks Colleen!http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Potatoes-Au-Gratin-with-Fennel-and-Bacon/Detail.aspx?src=etaf

  4. >I also just wrote a page on Fennel, posted in the "How To Eat It" section. The listing on this week's menu is also linked to that page now.

  5. >kc, we did some cauliflower fennel mashed potatoes with onion and bacon and they were delish! Poached the fennel in milk and then into the vitamix with the steamed cauliflower…then add butter, cream, cooked bacon bits and sauteed onions and it turned out great!

  6. >As usual we are enjoying all of this week's produce, but had to tell you that the melon was particularly delicious. We had it for breakfast this morning with some fresh baked croissants and it was fabulous!

  7. >thanks for what you do we are in costa rica enjoying the fruits and vegies k/t

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