>Summer/Fall Week 17: Winter Squashes and Greens


• “Gold Nugget”, “Red Kuri”, or “Delicata” Winter Squashes
• Potatoes
• Green Onions
Kale or Brussels Sprout Tops
• Italian Parsley
• Romano Beans
• Sweet Corn
FRUIT: Apples from Cliffside Orchards in Kettle Falls. Jeff and Jeanette Herman grow the best apples and pears–without a doubt, the best pears. We’re sharing an assortment of their fall varieties with you this week. 
PUMPKIN PATCH: We have a great pumpkin patch this year! For now each family is allowed 5 pumpkins, and you can pick them up on our usual pick up days, either Tuesday afternoons or Saturday afternoons. Don’t forget to enter our Biggest Pumpkin Contest!
Mustard Greens
Shelling Beans

One response to “>Summer/Fall Week 17: Winter Squashes and Greens

  1. >Love the pumpkin patch!

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