>Summer Week 20: End of Summer



• “Honey Bear” Winter Squashes
• Potatoes
• Garlic
• Fennel or Arugula
• Kale
• Spinach
• Arugula
• Beet Greens or Celery

PUMPKIN PATCH: We have a great pumpkin patch this year! Take as many pumpkins as you want. You can pick them up on our usual pick up days, either Tuesday afternoons or Saturday afternoons. Don’t forget to enter our Biggest Pumpkin Contest!

Delicious Winter Greens

Winter Shares start next week, and this is the last week of our Summer Season. Thank you so much for joining in this fabulous season with us! If you are continuing on through winter, we’ll look forward to seeing you again next week—you will be getting an email this week about winter pickup. If you are taking a break from fresh, delicious vegetables, we hope that you will be back to enjoy next summer’s bounty. 

Happy Fall!

2 responses to “>Summer Week 20: End of Summer

  1. >A great season! Thanks for all the hard work! We'll be enjoying the ground beef and sausages in soups and casseroles all winter!

  2. >So excited to start receiving my CSA box this week! See you on Saturday!

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