>Winter Week 4: Thanksgiving


• “Table Queen” Acorn Squash
• “German Butterball” Potatoes
• Celery or Celery Root
• Kale
• Arugula
• Parsley
• “D’Anjou” Pears from Cliffside Orchards

Brussels Sprouts
Pepper Cress

This is our week of Thanksgiving. We had originally planned on providing a double share this week, but since we are hosting our family’s Thanksgiving dinner, we had to finish our kitchen and dining room. That meant a lot of hours working on drywall and putting down the floor. We did indeed get everything finished—Wednesday. Plenty of time to make pies Wednesday night and prepare the rest of the feast for Thursday cooking.

We had one of our own turkeys—declared delicious and moist by the entire family. We gathered as much food as possible from our own backyard, resorting to only cranberries and sweet potatoes from the store, and apples from Cliffside Orchards—apple pie is my dad’s favorite. But, my Winter Luxury pumpkin pies also turned out delicious. I can’t believe how much pumpkin purée I got from the pumpkin I cooked. Plenty for two pies, Saturday pancakes, and an extra dish of pumpkin custard to snack on as well.

We are so thankful to be in our new house this winter. As it turns out we need to replace the furnace, but the big gas range is working nicely for heating the house, as well as cooking. So, hopefully that project can wait until next summer. We are especially grateful to all of the families who prepaid for 2010 shares so that we could get all the necessary work done on the house to be able to live in it this year.

We hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and we hope that the winter proceeds calmly through the rest of the holidays and dark season.

One response to “>Winter Week 4: Thanksgiving

  1. >Pumpking pancakes and pumpkin custard??? We want recipes!!!

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