>Spring Week 1-2: Winter Makeup

>We have a few crops that we can start harvesting, so we are beginning the Spring Season two weeks early. This way we can make up the two weeks of Winter of 2009 before the official spring season begins. If you had a winter share last year, and a spring share this year, you are starting now. If you did not have a winter share last year, but bought a spring share this year, you will start next week.

Last week we all had the stomach flu, so I didn’t get to the computer to post anything. I apologize for that, but it started with Della Sunday night, then hit Cosmo Tuesday night, then Mike and I on Thursday night. We’re feeling better now, and ready to get on with the show.
• Siberian Kale
• Spinach
• Turnip Rapini
• Leeks
• Spring Onions

Salad Greens
Stinging Nettles

I hope everyone knows what to do with the Kale and Spinach. My usual thing to do with either is cut into ribbons and sauté with garlic and olive oil. They’re both good in scrambled eggs, or in soup too.

Rapini is the holy grail of the spring season. This is an amazing, delicious byproduct of members of the brassica family that cannot be missed during it’s short season of abundance. Visit the Rapini page to learn more.

Spring Onions are like big green onions. I use the whole thing, slice it up and cook them with anything. They’re sweet and not too pungent. Leeks can be used like an onion, they’re excellent with eggs as well, and they’re also delicious braised or sautéed as a green vegetable. They are not strong-flavored, but pleasantly oniony. Quite tasty.

Salsify is a very uncommon vegetable in the United States. It is still popular in Europe. Also called “Oyster Plant” because the delicate flavor has a vague resemblance to oysters, it can be added to soup or potato dishes, or used on its own. Visit this page to find recipes.

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