>Spring Week 6: Arugula


• Red Russian or Siberian Sprouty Kale
• Leeks
• Spring Onions
• Radishes
• Sorrel
• Arugula

Golden and Purple Radishes
Salad Greens
Stinging Nettles

In early March we planted various crops in the greenhouses. It was still freezing outside, and we were hopeful that we’d get something ready for the spring season in there. We planted four varieties of radishes (French Breakfast, golden Zlata from Poland, Plum Purple, and a new offering from Seed Savers Exchange, Cincinatti Market) the first to be ready is red and white D’Avignon. These are mild and sweet.

Mizuna is a very tender green in the mustard family. You can gently sauté or steam it, or use it as a salad. It has a very slight mustardy flavor, otherwise it tastes nice and green.

There are still plenty of leeks and onions, and various rapini crops trying to burst into bloom.

One response to “>Spring Week 6: Arugula

  1. >I am SO missing your radishes! And a whole lot of your other veggies. I just read an article about fava beans, and I started thinking about how great yours are.I miss your produce! In a week (or so) I'll be back in Seattle for about a month, and then I'm off to Ohio "permanently." I found a great job in a great community. There are good farmers' markets, but nothing will replace your wonderful veggie boxes.

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