>Summer Week 2: Lettuce and Spinach


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• Spring Onions
• Spinach
• Lettuce Mix
• Yokatta-Na
• Pepper Cress

Beet Greens
Mini Butter Lettuces

I’ve been looking at the blog posts from last year, to compare what we had at this time last summer, because everything just seems so green. Usually we would have carrots and beets by now, and we’d be picking peas. That’s an indication right there of how this summer is different. We planted those things just as early as we usually do—March or April. The peas are just now beginning to flower (as are those of many other farms) which means we’ll be picking pods in about two weeks.

It seems incongruous, but we were picking zucchini July 15—but I just today planted all the summer squash. It wouldn’t have done any good to plant it earlier this year. Everyone I have talked to who planted in May (when we usually plant it) has had to replant because the seeds rotted. Same goes for the beans—they won’t germinate if the soil is cold and wet, they’ll just rot. We’re hoping to plant tomorrow and catch this next little warm spell. What a crazy year. We can be pretty sure that the broccoli, cauliflower, and other roots and greens will thrive. This is their comfort zone.

The lettuce and spinach we planted in April is finally ready—small leaves, but they will make a good salad, nonetheless. Ironically, the spinach and lettuce we planted mid-May is almost the same size, it just hasn’t been so stunted by cold and rain.

Pepper Cress is a member of the mustard family. If you’ve ever had nasturtium flowers, this tastes similar. It’s got a peppery bite at first, but it becomes sweet as you chew it. I find it refreshing. Enjoy it on salad, sandwich, or as a garnish, but don’t cook it.

I know many people are wondering about fruit. Well, so are we! There isn’t much fruit at the markets yet, but cherries are starting to trickle in. I haven’t tasted any that are really good yet. There was a hard frost when the cherries were blooming and some farms reported losses of almost 80% then. Cherry blossoms won’t set fruit if they are frozen, and the bees can’t do their job either. Then, all the rain has made much of the fruit that survived crack. We’ll see what happens. Apricots should be coming along in July, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Pea Shoots
Spring Onions

Lettuce Mix
Pepper Cress

7 responses to “>Summer Week 2: Lettuce and Spinach

  1. >I just appreciate that you keep this going–in the good times and bad! The weather has been crazy! My garlic (not planted until early March) is starting to show the curls and my lettuces have done well but I may have to replant the one small pumpkin I got at a plant sale–or maybe I'll just leave it. It might surprise me if we get some heat!

  2. >Thanks Melissa. I won't say we haven't been discouraged. I was downright depressed Sunday. But, a lot of people have put their faith and trust, not to mention money, into us and we will follow through the best we can. We always put in 110% of our ability. I know it will all end up well, it's sticking through the next month that will be the hardest.

  3. >Hi Shelley. Thanks for adding the photos of our veggies this year. It really helps me when I get home and forget what I picked up :), and also what the best way to use it is. The flower garden is looking lovely this year – really like the twig archways/trellis! Can hardly wait until flowers bloom wildly! See you later today.

  4. >Well, with Sunday being the darkest day in 15 years (or more) I could understand why you were down…check out the story!At least the sun is shining today!BTW, I'm interested in sharing a story about you on Farmer Jane.org–have you seen it and the book? I met the author a couple weeks ago at the Green Festival…let's talk–or e-mail at least! My daughter was so cute last week, she said, "We haven't seen Farmer Mike for awhile…" I told her she could come with me so we'll see you tonight!

  5. >Oops, forgot the link to the story!Sunday was darkest June day in Seattle in 15 yearshttp://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/mobile/?type=story&id=2012175164


  7. >I love putting the pepper cress mixed with the lettuce and spinach together for lunch. Sammy and I lhad fun seeing the pigs, cows, and chickens yesterday. My friends that live in AZ are so jealous that we have joined a farm. I was talking to the cashier in Safeway tonight and we started talking about how horrible our personal gardens are doing. I told her about the WTF and how much fun we were having and she was going to check it out when she gets home.Thanks for another fun and exciting week. Tell Mike it was nice meeting him too.Sandra

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