>Summer Week 4: Yokatta-Na returns one more time


(see end of page for photos)

Cipollini Onions
• Salad Mix
• Butter Lettuces
• Cilantro
• Yokatta-Na

Beet Greens
Garlic Scapes
Swiss Chard

First, I apologize for not writing more last week. We had visitors from Peru for a few days, and we devoted ourselves to them while they were here. You may remember (five years ago) that we had two amazing interns from Peru, Juan and Hector. Hector now works for produce company in Peru and manages 300 acres of table grapes. He and his boss were in Los Angeles for a grape symposium and they flew up to visit. We did tourist-type things, like visited the Space Needle, for which the weather was clear, and we went to the Ocean and Hoh Rain Forest, also beautiful weather.

The beans we planted last week have all come up and are growing beautifully. I replanted the cucumbers which only germinated at 10%, and they have no excuse now that the temperatures are in the 80’s. I better see little sprouts popping up soon!

All of the cauliflower and broccoli are planted and surrounded by a chickenwire fence to keep out the last of the rabbits. The artichokes are planted. Now we’re getting ready for winter squash and pumpkins—several weeks late, but they would have rotted in the ground before this week.

We have opened up the cut-flower and herb gardens for u-pick. Please look for the signs and instructions when you are here to pick. U-pick peas will be coming soon—maybe even next week.

Pea Shoots
Cipollini Onions

Lettuce Mix




3 responses to “>Summer Week 4: Yokatta-Na returns one more time

  1. >Thanks Mike and Shelly! Summer has finally arrived and the veggies have been super yummy. I appreciate all the baby lettuce with the heat this week. I took a head for lunch with some dried cherries, walnuts, and blue cheese with a raspberry vinegarette. Tomorrow we're planning a green salad with a more mediteranean feel: garbanzo beans, cucumber, tomatoes, and marinated olives.Another cool dish we whipped up tonight is sesame udon noodle salad. Cook up some udon or soba noodles, drain and rinse in cold water, drain again. Toss the noodles with toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy sauce, minced green onion, and chopped cilantro. Serve at room tempurature or chilled. Sauted or blanched Yakkata-na would be a great addition as well.

  2. >Hi Shelley,The girls are wondering if the male pig is ok to pet him. He seems very friendly.Sandra

  3. >Hi Shelley,Just saw your answer on facebook.Thanks for letting us know.Sandra

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