>Easing Into Spring

>The seeds are nearly ordered, and we are in the process of all the winter projects that wait all year to get completed. Mostly those projects are clean-up. Clean up the mess in the greenhouse and get it ready to start fresh. Pick up the plastic mulch and drip tape from last year. This winter, however, we were able to convert a shed into a cow barn, complete with concrete floor. As soon as the cows are done fertilizing the greenhouses next month, they’ll be mooving in, and delivering calves. Juniper is due April 30, and Beauty is due June 5. The laying hens are now living in Greenhouse 3, where the cows spent November and December. Not only is it dry and sheltered, but the manure won’t go to waste. We expect some awesome crops from those greenhouses this season, starting with an early planting of broccoli in March.

We have taken the plunge, and ordered 500 Asparagus plants, as well as 50 Horseradish and Rhubarb plants, to occupy the space that the cows used to live in. It is weed-free and very well manured, so it should make them happy. With any luck, we’ll be harvesting a bit next year.
We are also getting started building some short tunnels—like mini greenhouses—to put in the field. We will get some summer crops going extra early this way. Salad greens, but also some early squashes and cucumbers, perhaps, some early basil! As soon as it looks like we’ll be above freezing again, the planting will begin!

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