Summer Week 8: Brace Yourselves, Summer is Here

A happy customer with her beautiful bouquet from the u-cut flower garden. Nice job!

Fava Beans
• “Spanish Roja” Garlic
• Cabbage
• Salad Mix
• Fresh Dill or Fresh Cilantro
• Spinach or Swiss Chard

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.

Green Beans

Zucchini are ready!

Today I heard a lot of people say how different the farm looks after two weeks of sun. It’s true. Everything has grown by leaps and bounds since the weather warmed up. We gave the squashes extra water over the weekend to pump them up, and it worked—we have zucchini for everyone!

The cabbages are juicy and sweet. The herbs are full of flavor, because the heat boosts the essential oil content. The favas have more flavor this week. Last night we made a 15-minute dinner out of shelled favas, sautéed with a bunch of sliced sweet onions and a few cloves of garlic. I grabbed a bottle from the counter (thought it was some form of vinegar, but it turned out to be Marsala) and dressed it after I turned off the heat. We served them on top of pasta and topped with Pecorino. It was yummy. 15 minutes. No recipe.

The new patch of spinach is lovely, the Swiss chard is developing good color. Both are delicious simply sautéed or steamed, or wilted. We grilled up a bunch of halved zucchinis dressed with olive oil and salt. They were crunchy-tender and yummy.

Summer is finally here, so get used to eating more veggies!

And, for those of you who have been watching the rogue mama chicken and her babies, all 15 are still alive and well, but she has decided that they don’t need her anymore, so she’s sitting on a new nest of eggs. She kicked off another hen and took over. She taught them how to roost before she sent them packing.

Mama chicken teaching her 15 babies how to sleep where the coyotes can't reach you.

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