Winter Week 6: Cold and Dark—Countdown to Solstice

Various Winter Squashes
• “All-Red” Potatoes
Golden Beets
Mustard Greens
• Kohlrabi
Swiss Chard
• Pepper Cress
• Red Onions

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.
Brussels Sprouts
Red and Green Curly Kale

I will create a page for Kohlrabi tomorrow, and more information on Pepper Cress. Basically, peel the kohlrabi and eat slices of it raw with a little salt, or sauté it in butter or olive oil. Pepper Cress tastes a lot like watercress, and it adds a peppery bite to a sandwich, salad, or on top of soup. More to come….

2 responses to “Winter Week 6: Cold and Dark—Countdown to Solstice

  1. Another magnificent CSA box! Beautiful freshness, great variety every week. Unpacking the box is like opening presents. Each layer has a new surprise. We will be thoroughly enjoying the bounty this week, looking forward to our next box, and dreading the end of the season in January. Thanks so much!

  2. Mmm, Kohlrabi! Its a bit like eating the stalk part on broccoli. It holds up when sauted and tossed with pasta or served on top of polenta. We like to eat it raw as a veggie stick too. I’m excited to play with mustard greens and pepper cress this week. We never bother to look up recipes for arugula – scrambled eggs, sandwiches, wraps, salads, we eat it too fast! I think the pepper cress may end up in that category too 🙂

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