2013 CSA Information is Ready

January is the time to do a lot of desk-work. Not my favorite, but necessary. I’ve been watching/listening to some great documentaries at the same time. I finally got to see “Queen of The Sun”, about honeybees and colony collapse disorder. That led me to “Colony”, about a family of struggling migrant beekeepers. Then “Dirt” which all of us found entertaining. Full of great information, and the cartoon dirt particles were so cute! They are all on Netflix instant viewing right now if you have that.

January is also the time to update our website and put together the new version of CSA materials. They are finally done! You can find the 2013 Farm Flyer here: 2013 CSA Farm Flyer, and the 2013 CSA application here: 2013 CSA Application. I have checked with Tonnemakers, and we will be hosting their fruit CSA again but they don’t quite have their materials ready yet, so keep an eye on your in-box.

I’ve decided that I will commit to raising fryers (meat chickens) this summer, and provided we can find someone to butcher turkeys in November, we will raise a limited number of them for Thanksgiving. I do not want to butcher turkeys myself, but I will be butchering the chickens. If you want more information on our poultry process, you can read the new Meat Chickens page. Here’s the order form: 2013 Poultry Order Form

Also new this year is something I’ve wanted to do for several years. I’ll be trying out our FarmKids Club for kids 6-14, to give the kids of our CSA families a taste of various farm experiences through the summer. I will also pilot a Gardening and Self-Sufficiency workshop for older kids and adults, also in our CSA family community. Here’s that application: 2013 Farm Club Application

One response to “2013 CSA Information is Ready

  1. urbanfeedcompany

    What time were you thinking for this? I really want to do this.

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