Spring Week 5: Changes

Green Garlic
• Pea Shoots
• Baby Turnip Greens
• Siberian Salad Kale
• Broccoli Raab (Rapini)
• Claytonia (Miners’ Lettuce)

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.

Green Onions

Big changes are coming this week, and I’m not just talking about the beautiful sunny weather. Our interns arrive Thursday, and so we’re busy preparing for them. They will be living, working, and learning here for about six months, before going on to their next adventure. We will get to know them soon, and we hope you will too.

After Thursday, planting will begin in earnest. Our many thousands of onion transplants are eager to be planted, and we are anxious to get the next round of seed in the ground.

For now, just enjoy this recent video put together by Shawna from Sweetriver Photography. Duane is making a delicious frittata from Rapini, with the help of some bacon and cheese, and lots of fresh spring eggs.

We will have more to share next week. Enjoy the sun!

One response to “Spring Week 5: Changes

  1. Nice video!

    Tonight we sauted some of the mini turnips with shiitake mushrooms and green garlic. Then we added the pea vine. Drizzle it all with some soy sauce, a little hot sauce (optional), a smidge of sugar and rice vinegar. We ate it on top of soft thick udon noodles with pan juices and a light sprinkling of sesame seeds. yum!

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