CSA Weeks 5 & 6

Spring Onions, Pea Shoots, Spinach, Green Garlic, Salad Turnips, and Parsnips.


• Parsnips or Salad Turnips
• Spring Onions
• Rapini 
• Spring Onions
• Green Garlic
• Pea Shoots

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.

COMING SOON: Carrots, Beets, Sugar Snap Peas, Napa Cabbage, Lettuce

We have finally caught up with the weather nightmare that has been spring. We have used up all of the overwintered crops, except onions and pea shoots, and all of the greenhouse crops that were meant to tide us over until the outdoor planted crops were ready.

All the rain this spring has put our planting schedule 5-6 weeks behind when we’ve planted the last two years.

But remember, we haven’t been able to plant anything this spring, until this week. That’s six weeks later than last year. And because nothing was planted outside to begin when the greenhouse crops finish up, there’s nothing to harvest.

I dread telling CSA members this, because you paid ahead for your produce. And we really have done all that we can. But the good news is that it’s temporary. Just this week, we were able to get everything planted up to our current planting schedule, plus a few things, “just in case”.

We start out our season with Spring Onions, leftovers from last year’s onion crop that were missed.

We will have no CSA pickups this week (May 13-16) and no pickups next week (May 20-23). The following week, however, we will have many new and exciting things to start harvesting, and hopefully, we won’t have to stop again until January. We’ve replanted greenhouses, and we have a ton of things planted outside. I’m very hopeful that we can turn this season around.

Jackie may be small, but he’s a brave family man, looking over his harem and finding them tidbits to eat.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will continue planting, and get things cleaned up for our first farm potluck on May 27. Mark your calendars!

We can’t work up ground for planting when there is water standing in the field. And so we wait.

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