CSA Week 19

So much summer!


• Snap Beans (Green or Yellow)
• Big Lettuce
• Summer Squashes
• Lemon Cucumbers
• Tomatoes
• Lemon Basil
• Beets or Carrots
• Garlic

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.

COMING SOON: Basil, Shelling Beans, Peppers, Broccoli, Cauliflower

SAVE THE DATE: Final Farm Potluck: October 21st

As the torrential rain falls in Texas, we are being forecast for a late fall. Another 3-4 weeks of hot, dry weather. As much as I’d like this summer to finish up, I am grateful for a few more weeks of growing time. We’ve planted a lot of extra crops (double the row feet) to provide bounty into the winter and make up for the ruinous spring start.

This round of broccoli and cauliflower are looking great. CSA will get nice crowns in two weeks or so!

We’re experimenting with some fall crops in the greenhouses. Since we downsized, we only need half as much space devoted to each crop as last year, so we can feasibly plant Swiss Chard, Green Beans, and Broccoli in the hoop houses for an extra late harvest. I’m hoping for plenty of variety in November, so we can delay the classic trio of Squash, Kale, Potatoes until December.

I planted two rows of melons in a greenhouse, just in case they worked. One row of cantaloupe-type melons, and one row of heirloom French melons. These are going to be my favorite, I know. Noir de Carmes and Prescott Fond Blanc. There will be plenty for everyone!

Everything will be planted this week. The work crew is going back to school, so they’ll just be weeding a couple days each week, and we’ll be able to start eating dinner before dark. Maybe.

Mostly we use the greenhouses to get an early jump on spring, and reliably grow peppers and tomatoes. But we can also use them to push a number of crops into the fall. Here we’ve got a final round of Swiss Chard, Basil, and Parsley started. Basil will make it into October, but the other two will hopefully last until Thanksgiving and then regrow in the spring for an early crop. (We’re also working on Green Beans and Broccoli! Fingers crossed!)

It’s already time to order seed garlic and onion starts. And because we had a 6-week delay in income, followed by my medical emergency—and resultant bills—we are short in funds for these purchases. So, I have a deal for anyone able to pay early for their 2018 CSA subscription: Prices are the same as last year, and we are keeping to our single, 40-week season (April through December) but if you pay before October 1, you’ll save 10%. That’s $70 off of a $700 Mini Share, $100 off of a $1,000 Small Share, or $180 off of a $1,800 Large Share. Your early payment will mean a successful start to 2018!

Have a great week!

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