Yes there is CSA pickup this week! April 21

I’ll write this afternoon!

5 responses to “Yes there is CSA pickup this week! April 21

  1. Hi Shelley, You had said there wouldn’t be a CSA this week so I haven’t picked mine up, I’ll be able to get it tomorrow – Wednesday. Should I assume that from now on there will be one each week? And is there any way for you to predict what will be included? I go to the farmers market – such as it is, on Saturday and don’t want to get things I’ll be receiving from you 3 days later. Thanks very much Lisa


    • Hi Lisa! Ince things level out I want to be updating blog posts on Friday night… CSA weeks begin with Saturday, so that should work out better. It’s just been too crazy with everything starting up.

      Assume that there is a pickup unless I specifically say otherwise. I evaluate upcoming crops daily, so I may not know until Thursday or even Friday about the coming week’s harvest, especially in the early weeks. 😊

  2. Love these spring vegetables. Each bite is like a tonic. I’m making kimchi from the radish leaves!

  3. Following up on this email since we are one of the new folks to your CSA:

    – Will WS pickup always be on Tuesday after 1pm? – We were waiting on an email notifying us when pickups would be available and were bummed we may have missed this week’s delivery. We would appreciate if you could confirm the schedule/correspondence for WS pickups.

    Very exciting to read your post about expanding your CSA during this time. Thanks for your efforts!


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    • Hi Gen!

      I’m so sorry you’re not receiving my emails!

      Are they going in a spam folder? Let’s sort this out!

      Now, have you received either CSA delivery? There have been two. I want to make sure you receive the equivalent, and make sure we get you on track for next week.

      Please let me know!


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