The Spring That Was Winter

My last post was in late March, and I began, “This week has been a true introduction to Spring: the days are a bit longer, the light a bit brighter, and the rain a bit lighter than winter.” Little did we know that we would be entering the coldest, wettest spring in decades!

It’s been a frustrating few weeks, as I’ve had to pause the Spring CSA for three weeks now. It’s been so wet that the windows of opportunity for working-up ground and planting outside have been nearly nonexistent. And the rows that I did get planted have grown very slowly. We will be able to do a harvest next week, and hopefully no more pauses. I will be issuing a credit to all Spring CSA subscribers for those and any other missed weeks. 

Luckily, we are finally having some sun breaks! We’ve been able to get the higher, drier blocks worked and fertilized, and anticipate a big planting event this weekend. As long as the forecasted dry window holds! Greens and roots, and the anxious summer squash and onion transplants will all be headed out into the world soon! The first round of starts will go into the Cutflower Garden as well, and with some luck, we will still be opening for cutting in June. Realistically, though, opening will be a bit later than planned… end of June rather than mid-month. Also amazing news is that Trinity and Marta will be starting work next week, and they will be a huge help with harvesting, planting, and packing CSA shares.

Also, there is still plenty of room in the Main Season (June-November) CSA. Click this link to get to the online enrollment page, and share widely if you are already enrolled! We’re gearing up to feed lots of folks this summer, as I won’t be going back to farmers markets this summer. Given the extra unpredictability of the weather this coming season, I’ll be putting in extra cool weather crops (like greens, peas, and brassicas) as well as the warm-weather crops I had planned on increasing (field tomatoes, melons, and basil). One way or another, I fully anticipate being on track with abundant food for the Main Season (summer/fall). Plus, the CSA free perks of Cutflower Garden, Sunflower Patch, and the Pumpkin Patch.

We appreciate your patience, and your endless support of our farm and our local food system! We wouldn’t be here without you!


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