In 2008 we began a new program. We decided to provide 10% of our shares to hungry families in our area, giving them a chance to enjoy our bountiful summer harvest as well. We are pleased to repeat our experiment in 2009. We helped about 15 families last year with their produce needs. A few people disappeared mid-summer, which was a shame. But, the families that remained benefited and seemed happy. I believe that this year we will have a real need for this program, with the economy in the state that it is in. If you know of a family who could benefit, please help us connect with them. Last year, we welcomed people who were fighting illness and had sacrificed their homes and/or jobs, a large family with a new baby in the hospital, and a single mom going to college, as well as people who had lost their income due to layoffs.

We gratefully accept contributions towards our new program, but we do not expect them. We don’t need a lot of information—all that we need for a Feed-A-Family referral is their contact information, and a sponsor, so to speak, who will help teach or assist them in using the produce from week to week, if they need it. We need their contact infromation so that we can tell them about the blog, and the recipes, and to make them feel welcome. There are no expectations from us, except that we want to be sure the produce is enjoyed.

If you are, or know of a family that could benefit from receiving and using a share, please contact us at shelley@whistlingtrainfarm.com

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