Our Spring CSA

Overwintered radicchio comes back to life among chickweed in the early spring greenhouse.

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Why Have Spring Shares?

When planning for summer harvests we start planting in March. However, we usually have a window of mild, spring-like weather in late January/February when we could be planting a lot of hardier crops. If we couple this with the use of rowcovers and greenhouses, we should be able to get a number of crops ready for harvest in April and May, before farmers markets open and most CSA programs begin. Mike used to go to Pike Place Market year-round, and in the spring would have for sale most of the crops we plan on offering in our spring share.

We only have space for 75 shares each spring. SPRING SHARES ARE SOLD OUT FOR 2022, but we will be making small numbers of weekly shares available as harvest quantity allows. We will also offer “a la carte” produce available for preorder and pickup. 

What produce will be included in a Spring Share?

The types of vegetables that may be included can be fit into the following categories:

Lettuces • Arugula • Pea Shoots • Pepper Cress • Dandelion Greens • Endive • Escarole • Radicchio • Mâche • Miners’ Lettuce (Claytonia)

Mustard Greens • Kale • Collard Greens • Rapini (Broccoli Raab) • Sprouting Broccoli • Braising/Stir-Fry Mix • Spinach • Swiss Chard • Stinging Nettles

Green Onions • Baby Leeks • Chives • Green Garlic • Spring Onions

Radishes • Baby Beets/Beet Greens • Baby Carrots • Baby Turnips • Fennel • Jerusalem Artichokes

Mint • Sorrel • Chervil • Parsley

Cardoon • Artichokes (if we have a mild winter)

Because of shortened daylength and cold temperatures, most of these vegetables will need to be planted in late winter in order to be mature enough to harvest in April and May. But, what could be better than fresh spring greens! Many cultures relish the early spring for its bitter greens, as well as for the tender, sweet ones.

Many spring vegetables are very cleansing for the body—necessary after a winter of heavier foods, holiday goodies, and reduced exercise. Some vegetables are just better early in the spring when the weather is very cool—lettuce, for example is sweet and spinach is more tender. Many vegetables are easier to grow—radishes, turnips, and arugula especially so because their insect pests haven’t hatched yet.

How much produce will be in the shares each week?

Each week we will strive to include at least one item from each category in the above list each week. See the chart below for an estimate of what quantity to expect in the weekly boxes.

Sample Spril Harvest


1/2 pound Baby Lettuce Mix • 1 bunch Arugula • 1 bunch Pea Shoots • 1/2 pound Broccoli Sprouts • 1 bunch Fresh Chives • 1 bunch “White Icicle” Radishes • 1 bunch Sorrel
1 pound Baby Lettuce Mix • 2 bunches Arugula • 2 bunches Pea Shoots • 1 pound Broccoli Sprouts • 1 bunch Fresh chives • 2 bunches “White Icicle” Radishes • 2 bunches Sorrel


1 head Red Butter Lettuce • 1 bunch Spinach • 1/2 pound Stir-Fry Mix • 1 bunch Dandelion Greens • 1/2 pound Stinging Nettles • 1 bunch Green Onions • 1 bunch Baby Carrots • 1 bunch Fresh Mint
2 heads Butter Lettuce • 2 bunches Spinach • 1 pound Stir-Fry Mix • 1 bunch Dandelion Greens • 1/2 pound Stinging Nettles • 2 bunches Green Onions • 2 bunches Baby Carrots • 2 bunches Fresh Mint

How long will the spring shares last and what will they cost?

The Spring Season begins 10 weeks before the Summer Shares start—the first week of April, and will run through early June—a total of 10 weeks. The cost for a small share is $175, or about $17.00 per week. The cost of a large share is $275, or about $27 per week. You can expect each small share to feed approximately four adults—fewer if you REALLY love greens. Please see our sample chart above for quantity.

This is our seventh year committing to a spring subscription program. It is very difficult to find fresh, high-quality organic produce in co-ops or supermarkets in the late winter/early spring months, and when it is available it is expensive. We attempt to fill that void.

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Study our Crop Schedule below to find out what you might be able to expect each week. If you’re interested in becoming a subscriber, or if you have any questions, contact us via email at shelley@whistlingtrainfarm.com

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