Our Summer CSA Program

Vines festooned with golden, heirloom “Meraviglia di Venezia” romano beans.

CSA Overview

Our mission is to provide you with the freshest, most flavorful, chemical-free produce possible. Every week we assemble a tasty, well-balanced assortment of the various items that we are harvesting that week. Subscribers share in the risks and abundance inherent to farming. Certain crops may be delayed or fail, due to weather or wildlife, while others excel. A complete harvest failure is very unlikely. However, individual crops do regularly fail—cool summers bring lots of broccoli and few tomatoes, for example, emphasizing the importance of crop diversity.

Download our Summer CSA Brochure here: 2016 CSA Farm Flyer
and our Summer CSA Application: 2016 CSA Application 

What subscribers get:

Early in the season, allotments will be on the light side, containing largely greens and salad goodies. Into the summer, you will find more variety, and shares should include among others, basil, broccoli, beets, carrots, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and squash, as well as greens and lettuces. Just for fun, our subscribers can expect a number of exotic crops, like Artichokes, Cipollini Onions, and Japanese Eggplant. However, the bulk of the weekly boxes will consist of more traditional staple vegetables like Broccoli, Lettuce and Cooking Greens, and sweet Carrots. See our Crop Schedule for a better idea of what crops to expect throughout the season. See the chart below for sample harvests for an idea of how much produce to expect each week.

We harvest most of our produce less than 24 hours before you get it—some items like sweet corn, herbs, and delicate greens are harvested that very morning and throughout the pickup day. Subscribers can expect a great deal of variety from week to week, as we try to ensure that no-one gets tired of eating the same thing every week. (Visit our blog archive for last year’s weekly share contents and news.)We no longer print a weekly newsletter. Instead, we publish a blog. The weekly posts include a list of what produce is included in the share for that week, news and photos from the farm, and recipes to help you in cooking anything that might be new or unusual. Occasionally there are extra posts to read as well.

We offer three share sizes. Small Shares feed 1-3 adults, while Large Shares generally feed 3-5 (depending on what percentage of your diet consists of vegetables), but see below for a better idea of how much produce to expect. Both share sizes will supply fresh produce for 20 weeks, from mid-June through late October. Mini Shares give subscribers their choice of 5 items per week and is meant to be a gateway to the CSA concept or to supplement a home garden’s production.

Subscribers also have the option of reserving eggs and poultry prior to their availability to other folks. Reserve yours with your share registration if you like.

By signing on with our farm for the season, you play a direct role in sustaining local agriculture, ensuring a healthier, tastier future for all of us—your family and our community.

how much produce will be in the shares each week?

(Remember, this is just a representation. Actual weekly harvest will vary from week to week, and with weather conditions.)

Each week we will strive to include at least one item from each category in the above list each week. See the chart below for an estimate of what quantity to expect in the weekly boxes.


1 bunch Spinach • 1 crown Broccoli • 1 pound Snap Peas • 1 head Heirloom Lettuce • 1 bunch Green Onions • 1 bunch Arugula or Garlic • 1 bunch Fennel or Beets • 1 bunch Pea Shoots or Mint

2 bunches Spinach • 2 crowns Broccoli • 2 pounds Snap Peas • 1 head Heirloom Lettuce • 2 bunches Green Onions • 2 bunches Arugula or Garlic, or one each • 2 bunches Fennel or Beets, or one of each • 2 bunches Pea Shoots or Mint, or one each

U-Pick Sugar Snap Peas, Shelling Peas, Snow Peas, Cut Flowers


1 head Cauliflower • 1 pound Green Beans • 1 pound Tomatoes or 6 Squash Blossoms • 1 bunch Carrots • 1 bunch Sweet Onions • 1 pound Summer Squashes • 1 pound Cucumbers and Dill • 1 bunch Chard or Basil • 1 Radicchio or bunch of Purslane

2 heads Cauliflower • 2 pounds Green Beans • 2 pounds Tomatoes or 12 Squash Blossoms • 2 bunches Carrots • 2 bunches Sweet Onions • 2 pounds Summer Squashes • 2 pounds Cucumbers and Dill • 2 bunches Chard or Basil, or one each • 2 Radicchio or bunches of Purslane

U-Pick Green Beans, Wax Beans, Romano Beans, Cut Flowers


1 head Savoy Cabbage • 1 pound Shelling Beans • 1 pound Tomatoes • 1 pound Carrots • 1 pound Potatoes • 1 “Sugarloaf” Winter Squash • 1 head Endive or bunch of Beets • 1 head Radicchio or bunch of Turnips • Leeks or Garlic • Italian Parsley or Lettuce

2 heads Savoy Cabbage • 2 pounds Shelling Beans2 pounds Tomatoes • 2 pounds Carrots • 2 pounds Potatoes • 2 “Sugarloaf” Winter Squashes • 1 head Endive and • 1 bunch of Beets • 1 head Radicchio and 1 bunch of Turnips • Leeks and Garlic • Italian Parsley and/or Lettuce

U-Pick Shelling Beans & Pumpkin Patch


We don’t grow much fruit on our farm—yet, but we have a lot of friends who do. We also serve as a drop-off point for a fruit-only CSA from Tonnemakers Orchards in Royal City. (On-Farm pickup only.)

Pick-up, packaging, and delivery

We encourage you to pick up your produce at our roadside stand at the farm—members who choose to pick up at the farm enjoy a savings of $55 per season. We offer farm pick-up on Saturdays or Tuesdays. On pick-up days at the farm, we set all of the produce out on tables in our farm stand. We post a list suggesting quantities of each item, and then everyone helps themselves. Choose a large head of lettuce or a smaller one, or substitute an extra bunch of basil for carrots—you get to choose.

We package all produce for Seattle subscribers, however, because we haven’t yet been able to figure out how to bring the farm stand to our neighborhood drop-sites in Capital Hill, North Seattle, the University District, and Magnolia. We charge $55 per season to pack the boxes and delivery.


In 2008 we began a new program. We now commit to provide 10% of our shares to hungry families in the Kent area, giving them a chance to enjoy our bountiful summer harvest as well. We are happy to accept contributions towards our donated share program. If you are, or know of a family that could benefit from receiving and using a share, please contact us or refer them to us.

Other Subscriber Benefits and Perks

• U-Cut Flowers from our Cutflower Patch at the farm;
• Unlimited U-Pick Peas and Beans (including fava beans and shelling beans);
• Self-guided tours and farm animal visits;
• Free pumpkins from our U-Pick Haunted Pumpkin Patch in October;
• FarmKids Club
• Gardening Workshops for Adults
• August 15th Farm-Iversary Party

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Click here for more info about:
Spring Shares
Winter Shares 

Study our Crop Schedule below to find out what you might be able to expect each week. If you’re interested in becoming a subscriber, or if you have any questions, you can request an application via email at shelley@whistlingtrainfarm.com.

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