Being a small, diversified farm, we need a number of outlets for marketing, so there are a few different ways to buy our produce. Learn about our Subscription Programs, in which members can receive a weekly box of fresh produce from April through late December.

We also operate an on-farm FarmStand, open May through October

To find out what crops we plan on growing, and when to expect each one (give or take a week or two), check out our crop schedule and the disclaimer.

If you’d like to find recipes for any of the produce we grow, check out the menu on the right sidebar titled “How to Eat It.”

6 responses to “Produce

  1. Hello! We have a daughter in Covington who is challenged with cancer. What are the chances of her receiving weekly organic vegetables in her home, and how much would it cost us? She needs dark leafies, the cruciferous, radishes, garlic, squashes, aloe vera, onions. Thanks for your attention. Camille Ross

    • Whereabouts in Covington–let me see what we can do for delivery. Small shares are $400, large are $650, for 20 weeks. There is more information on our CSA program on our Produce page.

  2. When are y’all gonna open up a farm stand in the neighborhood? It’d be nice to go directly to you instead of Safeway or Freddie’s this season.

    • At this time we can’t commit to running a farm stand in addition to being open two days a week for CSA pickup. We will be at the Kent Farmers Market again this summer, so you can find us there on Saturdays, June-September. When the kids are older we will let them run a farm stand, but at this point it’s just too much for the two of us.

  3. Sheriss Nilson

    Oh how I wish I lived near you! I love your philosophy and spirit and veggies! You are a great benefit to your neighbors, community, and the world. The lifestyle of growing and giving is challenging but I hope joy and prosperity in your lives is as abundant as your crops! Congratulations on your hard work and success!

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