>Summer Week 8: Summer Squash

Summer Squashes
• Fennel
• Kale
• Swiss Chard
• Dandelion Greens
• Heirloom Lettuces:
Bronze Arrowhead, Deer Tongue, Speckled Amish Bibb, Blushed Butter Cos, or Flashy Green Butter Oak

“Rival” Apricots from Rama Farms in Rockport

No U-Pick right now, we’re waiting for the beans.

Green and Yellow Snap Beans
Green and Yellow Romano Beans
PEACHES for Fruit Shares

Here we are again, after a week of record cold weather and late July rain, waiting for everything to get ready. The broccoli will be ready next week, there are tiny beans on the Romano plants and the basil is finally starting to grow again. So, we need to beg for your patience one more time, as there is just nothing we can do to speed this up. We feel badly that there isn’t more right now, but really, what can we do? It’s all planted, the weather is just not cooperating. I promise that as soon as things are ready to pick, you’ll get them. But a watched broccoli doesn’t head up. A nice week of hot weather will help immensely, and that’s what we’re supposed to get.

Luckily we do have cooking greens, and the squashes are ready to pick. You’re getting a mix of light green Lebanese (some call them Mexican) Zucchini, and Golden Straighneck squash.

If you ask any farmer this summer, they’ll tell you that everything is running a month late. A full month late on fruit, even. So, there’s nothing to do but tolerate it and hope for a long fall and mild winter to make up for it. We thank you for your understanding and support this year!

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