>Winter Week 1

“Acorn” Winter Squash
• “Red Lasoda” Potatoes
Beet Greens with Baby Beets
Red Russian Kale
• Lettuces
• Broccoli
• Bell Peppers

Coming Soon:
Baby Carrots

Welcome to our Winter Season! I’ve linked directly to the posts containing recipes for cooking greens, beets, and squash, so hopefully that will help. As we go through the weeks I will put recipes in each week’s post, too, if necessary for a new vegetable. We’re looking forward to a great winter season! Please be sure and let us know if you have any concerns or questions and we’ll be more than happy to help. If you need an immediate response, please email me shelley@whistlingtrainfarm.com, rather than posting a comment on the blog. I don’t get to checking comments every day, so it could be a while if you do the blog route.

We had been lamenting the lateness of the broccoli crop, but now we’re happy to be picking it, in November even. It’s a tasty treat to have it this late in the season. Hopefully the cauliflower crop will continue to grow and mature also.

“Red Lasoda” potatoes are a great all-purpose potato. They’re good roasted, boiled, and can be mashed, although they’re a bit waxy if you’re looking for fluffy potatoes. They’ll do the chunky-type of mashing just fine.

The kale is especially sweet now that we’ve had some frosty nights. When it gets cold, the starches in the leaves turn to sugars, which act like antifreeze for the plant, and sweeteners for anything eating them. I just strip off the stems and saute the leaves with some garlic in olive oil. Takes about 10 minutes and it’s tasty. If you need more ideas I’ve linked to our cooking greens recipe page.

One response to “>Winter Week 1

  1. >The kale in olive oil and garlic was amazing and a huge hit with my husband! I would never have thought to try it that way. Yum! We hope there’s more kale next week!

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