>Winter Week 3

“Golden Nugget” Winter Squash
• “Red Lasoda” Potatoes
• Baby Carrots
• “Tokyo Market” Turnips
• Lettuces
Collard Greens
• “Silver Rose” Garlic

Coming Soon:
Baby Bok Choy
Pie Pumpkins

Haven’t we had some beautiful weather lately? Sure we had flood warnings between, but so many sunny days. And to think it’s the middle of November! I hope everyone enjoyed the carrots and baby bok choy last week. I apologize for not getting to the blog last week. I finally finished school bus driver training and had interviews and other things to take care of. I am officially a driver now, and hopefully we can settle into the new schedule. My apologies for running so late with deliveries Tuesday. We’ll be fixing that next week, I can assure you.

“Gold Nugget” is a tasty little squash. Originally bred to substitute for sweet potatoes, it is rich and sweet. I like to bake it with a little water to keep it from drying out, but others have told me they microwave it. Try it in the “Garlicky Winter Squash” recipe—it’s delicious.

“Tokyo Market” turnips are a different subspecies than the typical purple and white turnips. These are tender, sweet, and almost fruity. Nice enough to eat raw, but delicious roasted or sautéed hot so that they caramelize. Yes, you can eat the greens if you like.

We’ve finally found lettuces that can take the fall rain and freezing, and they’re butter lettuces! There may be a bad spot here and there, but typically what happens this time of year is that all the rain causes the whole head to rot. Not pretty, or tasty. We’re not having that problem this year with these varieties. We should have them for another week or two.

Now, for the THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE. I realize that everyone has a different plan for next week, but this is our plan, so just let me know if it doesn’t work for you and we’ll figure it out. If you will miss your pickup, we will adjust accordingly when you return.

We will provide a double harvest (two weeks’ worth of produce) for the pickups on Saturday Nov.22, Sunday Nov. 23, Tuesday Nov. 25, and Wednesday Nov. 26. If you pick up at the farm, please do not take two of everything. We will have it marked for you and there will be many more items.

There will be NO PICKUP Saturday Nov. 29, Sunday Nov. 30, Tuesday Dec.2, or Wednesday Dec. 3.

Because we’ve been harvesting every week since April, this is our chance to catch a little break, and we like to use that week for farm cleanup and little projects we haven’t had time for.

2 responses to “>Winter Week 3

  1. >Thanks so much for doing the blog – I know it takes time. The recipes and updates are really helpful and it’s fun to know what’s going on on the farm 🙂

  2. >Just wanted to say we were delighted to have the Yukon Gold potatoes for Thanksgiving. They are my absolute favorite for mashing so thanks for offering those!

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