>Winter Week 4 & 5: Thanksgiving!

Winter Squash
“Sugar Pie” Pumpkin
• “Red Lasoda” or “Yukon Gold” Potatoes
• Baby Carrots
• “Tokyo Market” Turnips
• Baby Beets and Greens
• Leeks
• “Silver Rose” Garlic
• Broccoli
• Swiss Chard
• Dandelion Greens
• Arugula
• Italian Parsley

Coming Soon:
Baby Bok Choy

Remember, this is a double share week, because there will be no pickup next week. I realize that everyone has a different plan for next week, but this is our plan, so just let me know if it doesn’t work for you and we’ll figure it out. If you will miss your pickup, we will adjust accordingly when you return.

We will provide a double harvest (two weeks’ worth of produce) for the pickups on Saturday Nov.22, Sunday Nov. 23, Tuesday Nov. 25, and Wednesday Nov. 26. If you pick up at the farm, please do not take two of everything. We will have it marked for you and there will be many more items.

There will be NO PICKUP Saturday Nov. 29, Sunday Nov. 30, Tuesday Dec.2, or Wednesday Dec. 3.
We will have regular pickup again, starting Saturday Dec. 6 and Sunday Dec. 7.
Because we’ve been harvesting every week since April, this is our chance to catch a little break, and we like to use that week for farm cleanup and little projects we haven’t had time for.

One response to “>Winter Week 4 & 5: Thanksgiving!

  1. >I just had to say “wow” for the great turkey. Everyone in our house enjoyed the locally grown turkey for Thanksgiving.Thank you so much!

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