>Winter Week 6

“Table Queen” Winter Squash
• “Red Lasoda” Potatoes
• Baby Carrots
• “Watermelon” Radishes or “Tokyo Market” Turnips (we may run out of radishes)
• Arugula
• Purple Bok Choy
• Red Russian Kale

Coming Soon:
Scarlet Turnips
Brussels Sprouts

They say snow is coming this weekend. We’ve been really lucky with the weather this winter, so far, and I know it has to come eventually, but I am really hoping for no serious freezing until the end of the year. We have some tender things that are just not quite ready, and we plan on using them next week.

“Table Queen” is an heirloom Acorn squash that has good flavor. It never turns shiny black like the newer varieties, but stays dark green and dull, but we like it better. The carrots are nice and sweet—when our kids are begging for carrots every day, we know they’re good enough for everybody. The arugula is nearly finished, and temperatures below 30° will kill it, so enjoy those last bites until spring.

The “Watermelon” Radishes are very pretty, a winter variety that takes cold weather. I just hope there’s enough for everyone this week. If not, we’ll make sure you get them in a few weeks after more of them size up. The purple bok choy was a surprise hit last winter, and especially valuable as it handled the freezing weather last year (much worse than this year) much better than the green variety. They both taste great though.

And, a reminder: Next week we will provide a double harvest again for the pickup Tuesday, Dec. 16, Wednesday Dec. 17, Saturday Dec. 20, and Sunday Dec. 21. If you pick up at the farm, please do not take two of everything. We will have it marked for you and there will be many more items than in standard weeks.

There will be NO PICKUP Tuesday, Dec. 23, Wednesday Dec. 24, Saturday Dec. 27, and Sunday Dec. 28. The final four weeks of our winter season will be typical weekly pickups.

If it really does snow and freeze this weekend we will probably lose some crops, possibly just for the short-term. If the temperature doesn’t get above freezing at the beginning of the week, we may have to postpone the Tuesday/Wednesday harvest toward the end of the week, because we can’t pick much while it’s frozen. PLEASE KEEP CHECKING THE BLOG FOR UPDATES, AND CHECK YOUR EMAIL. Even if we lose some crops, we have plenty left to harvest that can handle serious cold weather—lots of hardy greens, roots, and the squashes are inside. We should be able to finish the winter season, but with less variety than we would like.

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