>Winter Week 9

Winter Squash (while it lasted)
Baby Bok Choy
Brussels Sprouts

We are definitely near the end now. We thought we had two big bins of squashes left, but when Mike was getting the farmstand ready Wednesday, he noticed that they had all rotted. Even the best ones have a rotten spot that will spread quickly. So, no more squash until next year.

We will load everyone up with carrots and greens though and get through this week. Next week will be our last of this dreaded winter, and we will just do what we can to make it worth the trip.

At least with the squash out of the garage, we can start going through everything in there and purge to get ready for moving across the street. There is no garage over there, so we definitely need to pare down. It won’t be long now until we start working on the house.

4 responses to “>Winter Week 9

  1. >I’m probably leaving this comment a little too late for folks, but I’m going to leave it anyway!If you have a small rotted spot in your winter squash you can gently slice off the spot (which will give the squash a flat surface), put a small piece of parchment paper over the exposed flesh (a small piece of paper towel would work too, I suppose), and set it in the fridge (flat spot down so it won’t roll all over).This will make it last longer if you’re not ready to cook it right away.

  2. >Laurel, your bok choy dish looks FANTASTIC!For everyone, here’s the URL formatted as a link. Check it out!http://flickr.com/photos/laurelfan/sets/72157612497393163/

  3. >I know it was challenging, but thanks for a fun year! It was our first and we loved having the fresh veggies, eggs, and meat and we learned so much. Again, please don’t credit our account.We’ll see you in a few months for the spring season!

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