>End of our Winter Season

>We’ve finally had to bite the bullet and face the fact that we really don’t have enough left in the field to justify everyone making a trek to pickup produce. It makes me sad to stop before our season has been fulfilled, but there you have it. It’s just not out there.

Now we will begin the big clean-up for the new season. There is all kinds of work to be done–hardly a vacation. The tractors need to be worked on, the fields need to be readied for new crops, and we haven’t gotten our crop planning done yet for the new year. Where to put all the different crops, how to plant just a bit differently in anticipation of a bad spring again. One of the first projects will be to increase our greenhouse bench space so that we can get more transplants started in case it’s still snowing in May.

It looks like we will have the building permit soon for our house, then we can get working on the renovations and preparations. Hopefully we will actually be moving in March or April. Who knows how long it will take to get it inspected though, if the permit has taken almost 6 months. We shall see. It will be much nicer living on that side of the street, I can say that. It will be much easier to work outside and leave the kids in the house. 5- and 6-year olds really don’t need to be outside from the crack of dawn until dusk, and they don’t want to be out ALL the time. It will be simpler and less stressful without a busy street between us.

Thank you again for all of your undying support through this unusual year, and we hope for a much better one to come.

New president, new home, new growing season. An entirely fresh start.

Shelley, Mike, Della, & Cosmo

One response to “>End of our Winter Season

  1. >THANKS so much for all your hard work. I have very much enjoyed the vegetables and learning all about ones that I have never heard from. It has indeed been a crazy winter, but I have definitely enjoyed what you provided for us.

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