>Spring Week 1: We Begin

Green Garlic

• Brussels Sprout “Rapini”
• Arugula
• Savoy Cabbage
• Sorrel
Salad Mix
Pepper Cress
Stir-Fry Mix
Spring Onions
The first week is always a little bumpy, and I just realized I hadn’t posted a list for this week. Here it is. Yes, it’s a little lean, but this is what had to be picked this week—we will have a little more next week. 
The Savoy Cabbages are bolting, but still delicious, just sauté away. The Green Garlic is a spring treat—check the link for recipes, or chop it up like bulb garlic or roast it as a vegetable, like asparagus. Rapini is also a spring delicacy. Like Broccoli, but so much better. I just sauté it with some (green) garlic and olive oil. The kids like it with “syrup” (balsamic vinegar) but I just like it with some salt.
Arugula is always best in the spring—juicy, tender, and tasty. Spring arugula has none of the issues that the summer version has, like bugs or heat. 
Sorrel is lemon masquerading as a leaf. It’s delicious as a salad, or in a sandwich. It will tend to melt if you cook it, so I recommend it fresh.

One response to “>Spring Week 1: We Begin

  1. >Yum – we are looking forward to fresh veggies again. Thanks!

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