>Summer Week 3: Carrots!


• Baby Carrots
• Shelling Peas
• Sugar Snap Peas
• Baby Lettuces
• Salad Onions
• Fresh “Musik” Garlic
FRUIT: T&M Berries’ Strawberries or Raspberries, from next door—this week, Tuesday and Wednesday people get berries, and those who didn’t get them Saturday. Our goal is to get everyone berries once. T&M has a small crop this year, and didn’t have enough for more than that. We will be getting cherries from Tonnemaker Orchards after this week.
U-PICK: We are ready to open up a few rows of peas to u-pick subscribers. Please don’t spread the word—our u-pick is only for our subscribers. Thanks!
Summer Squashes
New Potatoes
Fava Beans
U-Pick Flowers
Because we are moving everything into our new house this week, everything is more chaotic than usual. We will be without phone and internet service between Tuesday night and Thursday morning. I will be able to check my email from my iPhone, but I won’t be able to do much more than that. If you desperately need something, you can call my cell number (206) 979-6302. It will recognize most of your numbers because of the wonderful abilities of the applications in my phone (can you tell that I love my iPhone?), but if I don’t recognize the number I might not answer, so leave a message and I’ll call you back. 
We’ll be back online Thursday, assuming Qwest can handle their part of the project. 

2 responses to “>Summer Week 3: Carrots!

  1. >Will Saturday people get berries another week?

  2. >T&M only had/has enough berries for us to do one week. So, if you got berries last week, you won't get them this week. We'll be doing cherries the following week though.

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