>Summer Week 4: Fava Beans



• Fava Beans or Spinach
• Sugar Snap Peas
• Baby Carrots
• Heirloom Lettuces
• Sweet Onions
FRUIT: Cherries next week!
U-PICK: We are ready to open up the peas to u-pick subscribers. Please don’t spread the word—our u-pick is only for our subscribers. Thanks! 
Summer Squashes
New Potatoes
U-Pick Flowers
We have nearly everything moved into the house now, although some things are in our storage container, and some is still on the front porch. We passed our fire sprinkler inspection today, and the septic inspection is supposed to happen on Thursday. Hopefully we’ll be able to turn on the water then too. I don’t mind camping, but I’d sure like to use my own shower and wash dishes, not to mention flush a toilet!
Lots of  crops are coming on now, and next week we should be picking zucchini for everyone, and possibly new potatoes. We will definitely have cherries next week for everyone. 

4 responses to “>Summer Week 4: Fava Beans

  1. >Made this last year with the fava beans and LOVED it. Thought I'd share…..ScafataServes 41 tblsp olive oil1 small onion diced1 carrot peeled and diced1 celery stalk diced1 3/4 punds fava beans in the pod, shelled but unpeeledSalt to taste1 bunch tender swiss chard ribs removed, leaves cut into stips1 pound tomatoes, peeled, seeded and finely chopped (I used canned)Black pepper to tastePlace olive oil in medium braising pan. Add diced veggies and fava. Stir well. Add salt to taste and a few tblsp of water. Cover and cook over very low hear until the fava are tender. If the mixture is too dry, add a little more water.Add the chard and continue to cook, with the lid partly on, until the tomatoes thicken and the water has evaporated. Add pepper to taste before serving.From Verdura by Viana La Place

  2. >My first time cooking fava beans…I tried the Fava Bean Ragout recipe. It was soooo good!!We hope to get more and more fava beans soon!Thanks, Shelley, for expanding our food horizons!!Michael and Susan Wahl

  3. >I found a quick, easy way to make fava beans when you're already grilling. Basically, you just drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and grill them for a few minutes, pop them out and enjoy! http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/grilled-fava-beans-recipe.html

  4. >I used my small share of fava beans over the last 2 weeks (about 1.5 lbs) to make a ravioli filling for 24 – 1 3/4 inch pieces. About equal amounts cooked, mashed fava beans and garlic mashed potatoes. A bit of parmesan cheese, a bit of ricotta cheese, salt/pepper and about 1 slice cooked and crumbled bacon.

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