>Spring Week 8: ?



This week is cancelled due to lack of product.

Green Garlic
Stinging Nettles
Pea Shoots
Salad Greens
Stir-Fry Mix

We are so disappointed to have to cancel this week of our spring season. But, we agonized over the decision before we made it. The reality is that we have few overwintered crops left—really, just spring onions, leeks, and kale. The new crops that we planted in the greenhouse are gone already, and we only meant for them to last a week or two until the earliest outside crops were ready. But, the last two weeks of chilly, wet weather didn’t do us any favors. The poor little plants did their best just to stay upright. We’ve had sun for two glorious days, and they’ve doubled in size already!

Our plan is to skip this week, and possibly next week. Then we will resume with new spring abundance. We will, of course, make these two weeks up. A few ideas that we have come up with are:
• Carryover the one (or two) weeks into the winter season.
• Offer a credit for the one or two weeks, good toward eggs, or summer or winter shares.
• Offer a quantity of summer fruit equal in value to the missed one or two weeks.

We will catch up with everyone as we get close to wrapping up the spring season so we know what everyone would prefer.

In the mean time, enjoy the beautiful spring weather that is supposed to be with us for the week, and visualize lots of planting going on.

The first fava bean plant pops out of the ground.

This year’s crop of garlic, with shallots and the early green onions in the background.

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