>Spring Week 9: Asian Greens, Pea Shoots


• Spring Onions
• Leeks or Green Garlic
• Mizuna
• Arugula
• Yokatta-Na
• Maruba Santoh

Beet Greens

A note about our new greens: both are delicious either fresh as a salad, or stir-fried. They have a mild, sweet, green, mustardy flavor, but neither are hot or bitter. I have to say that I’m pleased with how they turned out, and they love this warm, rainy weather.

Oh, it’s so wet! The rainy pattern has been going on so long now, that in desperation I’ve taken to following the good old Farmers Almanac. I’m going to see if it holds true for the rest of the month. If it is right, we’re in for alternating spells of clearing and unsettled rain. Not a bad long-range forecast for growing vegetables in the summer. At least our water bill won’t get out of control. Here’s the link if you want to follow it yourself:


We have managed to get things planted. We hustled during the last dry spell and planted a full section of the farm in greens and carrots. The peas are coming along, we’ve got nice green onions on the way, carrots and beets will be pickable in a few weeks. We are getting nervous because it’s time to plant beans, corn, and all the squashes and cucumbers. The greenhouse is full of flats of transplants that need to get planted outside soon, too. Once the sun dries things out we’ll have to hustle and get things planted.
Our sow Lucy had a litter of 5 big babies two weeks ago, and Bess delivered her litter yesterday morning. I went to check on her and there were 12 babies. She’s an excellent mother and they are all doing great.
I’m really excited at how the cutting-flower garden is coming along. We’ve got Bachelor Buttons, Corn Cockle, Rocky Mountain Garland, Shirley Poppies, three varieties of Larkspur, and Cosmos nearly ready to bloom already! We’ve planted the Dahlias, more poppies, Calendula, and more varieties of Cosmos outside, and so many more flowers are growing in the greenhouse, nearly ready to plant out. Lavatera, Cleome, Pincushion Flower, Love-Lies-Bleeding, and more will be for cutting fresh. Cockscomb, Statice, Gomphrena, and Nigella will round out the dried-flowers for cutting. Once it dries up a bit we can get the Sunflowers planted too.
Summer Shares start in two weeks. Look for an email about pickup information if you are signed up already, and if you’re not yet signed up, don’t dilly-dally!

One response to “>Spring Week 9: Asian Greens, Pea Shoots

  1. >hi guys thanks for the link to farmers almanac the vegies are great the rain is good we will dry out soon thanks for the pictures kevin/trish

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