>Summer Week 15: Cauliflower & Beets


• Zucchini and Summer Squashes
• Cauliflower
• Beets
• Romano Snap Beans or Swiss Chard or Kale
• Green Onions or Garlic
• Tomatoes: “Fantastic”, “Black Trifele”, and mixed Cherry Tomatoes
• Green or Lemon Cucumbers
• Genovese Basil or Cutting Celery
• Lettuces: “Hyper Red Rumple” or “Blushed Butter Cos”

Amaranth Greens
Italian Parsley
Shelling Beans

Flowers: Bachelor’s Buttons, Cosmos, Spider Flower, Black-Eyed Susans, Zinnias, Statice, Castor Beans, Sunflowers

U-Pick Herbs need some time to recover from the heavy picking this summer. It was our first year to try this, and we now know that we need a lot more plants! We are planning raised beds so that we can increase the planting space, and number of plants for next summer. Thanks for making this such a success!

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